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Maruzen 0.29g APS Super Grand Master (SGM) BB 500rd Box

Maruzen 0.29g APS Super Grand Master (SGM) BB 500rd Box

  • $ 3298

A box of the venerable Maruzen Super Grand Master "SGM" .29g BB. These are the big kahunas. Touted by snipers in airsoft as the best BB you can find with the price to match. While not the heaviest weight by far these BBs are designed with precision shooting in mind and built to some of the tightest tolerances to guarantee a level of consistency you can't find in any other round. Manufactured under the Grandmaster APS series of replicas and BBs were created by Maruzen specifically with competitive precise shooting in mind and these rounds reflect that.

Heavier BB Weight Advantages

  • Range - heavier BBs retain more consistent velocity or longer distances
  • Accuracy - can hold tighter grouping for longer and is less affected by wind
  • Hits harder and transfers more energy to target
  • Ideal for higher FPS (Feet Per Second) Airsoft Guns

Super Grand Master BB Features

  • THE BEST sniper rifle BB available
  • Made by Maruzen in Japan, one of the oldest BB companies
  • Unrivaled consistency
  • Diameter: 5.96mm +/- 0.01mm
  • Polished to perfection

Please note that unless bundled with another product Maruzen SGM rounds will ship out as USPS First Class rather than Priority in order to provide the lowest price we possibly can.

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