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Madbull 0.20g Dark Knight Tracer BBs 2000CT (Red)

Madbull 0.20g Dark Knight Tracer BBs 2000CT (Red)

  • $ 2394

Madbull BBs come from Taiwan and feature some of the most precise manufacturing available for airsoft BBs! Made to stringent quality standards you'll have the ease of mind when putting Madbull rounds through your airsoft gun!


The .20g weight is considered the standard weight for gun chronoing and the bare minimum weight we recommend for use in any airsoft gun. These are tracer BBs that glow when paired with a tracer unit. These come in red as opposed to the common green color to light up the night in the most unique way possible!

Lighter BB Weight Advantages

  • Higher velocities for faster time to target
  • Accuracy varies at long ranges (ideal for suppression)
  • For use in most spring, gas, and electric powered airsoft gun



Diameter: 5.95mm +/- 0.01mm

Manufacturer: Madbull Airsoft

Quantity: 2000CT

Color: Glow in the dark red

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