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Laserdot Precision Competition Grade 2500 BBs .28g

Laserdot Precision Competition Grade 2500 BBs .28g

  • $ 1794

Laser-Dot white colored high precision grade BB’s are available in 0.20, 0.25, and 0.30 g. variants. Each precisely weighed type is purposely produced with the highest quality materials and production exigencies for high performance CQB, support and sniper daily play. They all possess strict dimensional tolerances, weight precision, and a highly polished finish, allowing them to be used with all AEG and GBB airsoft guns and rifles. Their precise and consistent specifications make them suitable with all types of airsoft cannons – from standard types to the most precise customized type of equipment.

2500pcs / .28g
High-quality, high performance

Diamond polished for accuracy and range


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