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GoldenBall 0.23g BIO BB 4350CT Bag

GoldenBall 0.23g BIO BB 4350CT Bag

  • $ 1416

You've asked for it and we're here to deliver! The long awaited arrival of GoldenBall BBs is here! The past few years GoldenBall has made a name for themselves by offering some of the best rounds you can buy at a fraction of the cost of other name brands. This excellent value has propelled them into stardom and almost universal popularity among airsoft players around the globe.
A 3000bag of the highly demanded GoldenBall BB. The .23g weight is is a balanced weight between the 0.20g and 0.25g for those whos are interested in stepping up their weight . This bottle contains the biodegradable variant of GoldenBall BBs for fields & events that require them.

Lighter BB Weight Advantages

  • Higher velocities for faster time to target
  • Accuracy varies at long ranges (ideal for suppression)
  • For use in most spring, gas, and electric powered airsoft gun

GoldenBall BB Features

  • Low cost for great quality
  • Diameter: 5.95mm +/- 0.01mm
  • Slick rounds


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