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G&G Perfect 0.25g BB 2700CT Bottle

G&G Perfect 0.25g BB 2700CT Bottle

  • $ 1412

G&G is known for their value orientated Combat Machine and bullet proof Top Tech series and now brings you the best in airsoft ammo as well. Designed to decompose faster while retaining the quality the company was built on. The .25g weight is still considered a lighter round sacrificing some accuracy. It has been widely adopted by many players as the go to standard weight recently as players continue to seek the best performance from their airsoft guns. While their round count size is weird their quality is not!

Lighter BB Weight Advantages

  • Higher velocities for faster time to target
  • Accuracy varies and long ranges (ideal for suppression)
  • For use in most spring, gas, and electric powered airsoft guns

G&G BB Features

  • Manufactured in Taiwan.
  • Bottle Capacity: ~2700CT
  • BB Diameter: 5.95mm (+/- 0.01mm)
  • BB Weight: 0.25g

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