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G&G BIO 0.33g (Grey) 2000CT BB

G&G BIO 0.33g (Grey) 2000CT BB

  • $ 2134

G&G is known for their value orientated Combat Machine and bullet proof Top Tech series and now brings you the best in airsoft ammo as well. Designed to decompose faster while retaining the quality the company was built on. The 0.33g weight is a unique heavier weight BB offering that little extra weight verses your traditional 0.32g BIO. Make no mistake, G&G's top notch quality stays around even with the weirder weight. This bottle contains the biodegradable variant of GoldenBall BBs for fields & events that require them.  

Heavier BB Weight Advantages

  • Range - heavier BBs retain more consistent velocity or longer distances
  • Accuracy - can hold tighter grouping for longer and is less affected by wind
  • Hits harder and transfers more energy to target
  • Ideal for higher FPS (Feet Per Second) Airsoft Guns

G&G BB Features

  • Manufactured in Taiwan.
  • Bottle Capacity: ~2700CT
  • BB Diameter: 5.95mm (+/- 0.01mm)
  • BB Weight: 0.28g

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