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Elite Force 0.28g BIO BB 5000CT

Elite Force 0.28g BIO BB 5000CT

  • $ 660

A full sized 5000CT bottle of the sought-after Elite Force Tactical BB. The .28g weight is considered the entry level "heavy" BB providing greater accuracy than lighter weights. This bottle contains the biodegradable variant of Elite Force Tactical BBs for fields & events that require them.

Heavier BB Weight Advantages

  • Range - heavier BBs retain more consistent velocity or longer distances
  • Accuracy - can hold tighter grouping for longer and is less affected by wind
  • Hits harder and transfers more energy to target
  • Ideal for higher FPS (Feet Per Second) Airsoft Guns

Elite Force Tactical BB Features

  • Premium BB
  • Diameter: Standard 6mm
  • Slick Rounds

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