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Krytac 0.28g BB 4000CT Bottle

Krytac 0.28g BB 4000CT Bottle

  • $ 2394

Your airsoft gun can only be as good as its ammunition. Selecting the right BB not only makes a difference on the field but also to the internal health of your gun. KRTYAC ballistic balls are engineered to perform at the highest level whilst also maintaining a superior level of cleanliness. Each perfect sphere is carefully polished and cleaned to a glossy finish before bottled. The result is a uniform projectile, with a predictable trajectory, that will cycle consistently.

Each bottle of KRYTAC .28g BBs boasts 4000 rounds of high performance ammunition. .28g is a heavy weight, general use BB. Heavy weight BBs are highly recommended over lighter weights for their superior accuracy and penetrating power. Ensure that your gun never stops performing at the utmost of its abilities with KRYTAC precision ammunition, good BBs go a long way.

We've become fans of how Krytac has done their packaging. The bottles are very portable and fit in a double stack M4 pouch with no effort making reloading in the field or general transportation a breeze with the Krytac BBs.

  • Weight: 0.28g
  • Diameter: 6mm
  • Quantity: 4000CT

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